We imagine an innovative agriculture

Industries relying on the use of plant biomass face a twofold problem: - Challenges of agriculture and climate change impact the production of this plant biomass, in a context where demand is increasingly competitive: food, medicine, cosmetics… - Stakes in securing the supply produced by agriculture or collected from nature are increasing, with major concerns regarding volume, consistent and regular quality to meet the needs of industry, and price. To meet the needs of the industry and clients with high-quality natural products, Futura Gaïa designs, from R&D to an industrial scale, complementary plant production solutions to full-field or greenhouse agricultural production systems. Our cutting-edge technology, combined with precision agronomy, offers extensive possibilities for cultivating plants, from the most common to the rarest, without encroaching on agricultural land, all while respecting the environment and biodiversity. Our solutions are a response to the challenges we face, with a production that is:

  • https://futura-gaia.cdn.prismic.io/futura-gaia/65c227d9615e73009ec454b6_Frame6.svg?auto=compress,format

    15 to 20 times less water consumption

  • https://futura-gaia.cdn.prismic.io/futura-gaia/65c227d7615e73009ec454b3_Frame6-1.svg?auto=compress,format

    Pesticide-free and preserves arable land

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    Import substitution

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    365 days a year, protected from the elements

Our history

  • 2018

    Germination of the idea

  • 04/2019

    Creation of Futura Gaïa

  • 05/2019

    Our first employee

  • 08/2019

    Laboratory opening

  • 09/2020

    Construction work begins on our first farm

  • 10/2020

    10 employees

  • 02/2021

    Putting our farm into production

  • 12/2022

    20 employees

  • 01/2023

    11 M€ raised
    Going to industrial scale

  • 06/2023

    Solar Impulse Efficient Solution
    Obtaining the label

  • 12/2023

    30 employees

  • 05/2024

    Plan d’Orgon
    Construction work begins on our 2nd farm

  • 12/2024

    Plan d’Orgon
    Go-live of our farm

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Our impact

  • https://futura-gaia.cdn.prismic.io/futura-gaia/65cb73719be9a5b998b5bf89_SolarImpulseLogo1.svg?rect=0%2C71%2C312%2C170&w=2200&h=1200?auto=compress,format

    Our farms have been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label, designed to shed light on existing solutions that are both clean and profitable and improve the quality of life.

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  • https://futura-gaia.cdn.prismic.io/futura-gaia/65abc9a038f662e9dd211b1f_SDG-Wheel_WEB1.svg?rect=0%2C37%2C164%2C89&w=2200&h=1200?auto=compress,format

    Our farms are involved in 7 sustainable development goals defined by the UN: 2 Zero hunger | 3 Good wealth and well-being | 8 Decent work and economic growth | 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure | 11 Sustainable cities and communities | 12 Responsible consumption and production | 13 Climate action

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