Our R&D laboratory has been operational since August 2019, in Rodilhan, near Nîmes, France.

Our agronomy and technical teams develop agronomic recipes and technological solutions that guarantee the health, taste and nutritional qualities of our crops.

The aim is to meet the specifics of the customers of future farms: restaurant owners, distributors and cosmetics and food manufacturers.

The Laboratory is at your disposal to carry out tests (possibly under confidentiality agreement) in the same systems that will equip the next production farms.

Once the tests have been validated, scaling up is naturally carried out without technological change thanks to the reproducibility of our agronomic results.

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Le Mas de Polveliere


Experimental field



The next step, the purpose of our first round of financing, is the creation of our pilot pre-industrialization farm in Tarascon by September 2020.

It will comprise around fifty cropping systems as well as all the technological solutions that will make it possible to guarantee the productivity of future farms on all the recipes validated in our R&D laboratory.

The sensor equipment of the chambers and growing systems will provide the data to optimize climate management as well as the light, input and water inputs for each plant.

This configuration also allows us to refine the development of our solution for remote control and continuous improvement of recipes.

The objective of our pilot farm, with the help of our first “client-partners”, is to validate the ability of future production farms to commit to quality, prices and volumes.



The final step in our approach: large-scale production in compliance with qualitative and economic commitments.

In this first production farm with 400 cropping systems, we will be able to duplicate all the solutions developed in the pilot farm as early as 2021.

This model farm will allow us to definitively validate the business model and the sustainability of future farms.

Their deployment will take place primarily in partnership with the agricultural world to serve both the food and industrial processing markets in a short circuit.