Hardware Solutions


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  • Real-time and remote control
  • Monitoring the climatic environment and crop conditions
  • Traceability of data associated with the production batch thanks to RFID tags

Climate management

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  • Several insulated climate chambers
  • Individualized control of each zone
  • Homogeneity throughout the volume
  • Treated and optimized air flows

Gigrow Production system

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  • Stackable equipment
  • High yield per m2 on the floor
  • Cultivation on living soil
  • Fully automated and supervised

Nutriment supply

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  • Individual control of nutrients
  • Precise and repeatable dosing

Renewable power

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  • Optimized energy consumption
  • Green energy sources
  • System for automatic arbitration between different energy sources

Water processing

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  • Suppression of pesticide residues
  • Filtration of heavy elements
  • Warming up

process automation

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  • Moving systems between the production racks and the harvesting area using an AGV
  • Extraction and insertion of containers into the system by robotic arm
robot used in the farm

Filling automation

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  • Use of machines developed and tested by the horticultural sector
  • Automation of the filling, sowing and transplanting stages of germination plates and culture trays

Software Solutions

Futura Gaïa IS

 The software brain, Futura Gaïa Information System (FGIS) allows:

  • The management of the interconnection of the various subsystems
  • Remote control of production, from input management to harvesting decisions
  • Supervision and continuous improvement through real-time data analysis
  • Booking of production capacity, and management of its evolution, by farm customers