• Offer an arbitration solution to optimize short-circuit production
  • Help the transition to “zero pesticides”.
  • Ensure a sustainable source of additional income

A farmer from Amiens who cultivates a few hectares of strawberries will be able to switch his production to a Futura Gaïa farm and allocate his land to the cultivation of other products that are demanded by the various local customers (collective catering, supermarkets, industrial processors, etc.).


  • Significantly improve the quality of the products offered
  • To guarantee an acceptable price level to a large audience
  • Favouring a varied supply of short circuits

BtoB  customers

  • Guaranteeing the quality/price ratio of products all year round
  • Enable better control of supplies
  • Contribute to the achievement of their CSR and sustainable development commitments

Regional and local policy

  • Create several dozen direct and indirect full-time equivalents jobs
  • Participate in the food reterritorialization of the regions
  • Enabling the rehabilitation of brownfield sites