Labelling of Futura Gaïa research projects by Terralia-Pass

by | Oct, 8 2019

It is in the DNA of Futura Gaïa to work closely with the economic and research ecosystems of our regions.

The challenges of transition in agricultural sectors must be addressed by a mosaic of skills and know-how. 

It is therefore quite natural that Futura Gaïa has joined the Terralia-PASS competitiveness cluster since its creation.

Within the framework of the FranceAgriMer I-NOV 2019 call for projects, the initiative led by Futura Gaïa has obtained the Terralia-PASS label, a testimony to our commitment to a better sustainability of resources and plant production.

This “labeling” is an important national recognition for the whole team.

Indeed, it proves, after examination by the labeling commission on the basis of economic, organizational, scientific and technical criterias, that our project is considered innovative and potentially promising for the industry.

With the help of laboratories in Nîmes, Avignon and Montpellier, we are structuring our research activities and thus hope to participate actively in the creation of value for the agricultural sector, which is embarking on a new strategic transition.