OUR ambition

Futura Gaïa designs for the agricultural world a solution of indoors vertical agriculture on living soil, in a controlled environment. These future farms in peri-urban areas combine precision agronomy and cutting-edge technology. They will be one of the answers to the challenges of feeding future generations and to their expectation of naturalness.


A complementary solution to traditional agriculture.


The social, environmental and economic dimensions at the heart of the project.


State-of-the-art technologies for precision agronomy.


From the selection of seeds and seedlings, to bio-stimulation, through minerals and traceability… FUTURA GAIA offers a complete and rigorous process.


Food distribution, HRD, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries… each market has its own challenges to which FUTURA GAIA offers a solution!


Technology, food system and agricultural transition: Futura Gaïa raises €11 million to reach industrial scale

tt the crossroads of precision agronomy and cutting edge technology, Futura Gaïa designs a unique automated soil-based vertical farming solution, complementary to open field and greenhouse agriculture. This solution meets the needs of pharmaceutical and cosmetic...

Futura Gaïa at the Cosmetic Valley R&D Connections meetings

Naturality, CSR, Industry 4.0 are all concerns of the cosmetics industry that echo the health crisis we are going through and that are at the heart of the concerns of all players in the sector.

ChangeNOW & Microsoft Welcome Futura Gaïa and its Innovative Approach to Agricultural Challenges

Selected by Microsoft as part of its “Microsoft for Start-ups” program, we were on display at the Redmond giant’s booth.

Labelling of Futura Gaïa research projects by Terralia-Pass

The challenges of change in agricultural sectors must be addressed by a mosaic of skills and know-how. It was therefore quite natural that Futura Gaïa joined the Terralia-PASS competitiveness cluster from the outset.